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VISTX is a leading provider of GxP Cloud Transformation, Cloud Compliance and GxP Program Strategy services to life sciences organizations.   Our team of seasied professionals take a holistic approach – operations, technical and compliance – to help drive organizational change and deliver unsurpassed results.

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Discover how VISTX can help transform your operational processes and compliance.   We , not only ensure compliance, we make your compliance programs efficient and cost-effective.

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GXP Cloufd transformation

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Taking advantage of the Cloud to the Cloud is much more involved in a GxP environment.  New procedures and updates to existing procedure need to be put in place to make sure your new environment is qualified during the build process and stays under control throughout the lifecycle of the system.  VIISTX can help set up automation and controls to make sure you are in compliance during the creation of your cloud environment and stay in compliance throughout.

Qualification is meant to provide evidence that the  infrastructure:
  • Meets the specification
  • Has the procedures in place to ensure the system remains under control
  • And is suitable for its intended use.
Too many life sciences organizations go overboard on the qualification (or don’t do anything). Since infrastructure is generally considered low risk, it is important that we utilize a process that is efficient and meets the objectives of qualification.

For life sciences organizations, the document review and approval lifecycle can be time-consuming   Reducing the cycle time can have a tremendous impact.

VISTX, through our partnership with DocuSign helps clients deploy new processes and technology that can reduce the cycle time by90%.

Are you in compliance with 21CFR Part 11 regulations?  VISTX can do an assessment and provide a report that identifies any gaps as well as working with you to develop a plan to address these deficiencies.

Vendor Assessments allow you to utilize many of the vendor processes with reliability that these processes will support your compliance efforts.  VISTX has extensive experience with completing these assessments as well as ensuring that the infrastructure is Qualified for SaaS and PaaS vendors.

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