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Cloud Challenges for life sciences

Life Sciences organizations tend to be risk averse

Since I started in the Life Sciences industry, adoption of change to processes and/or adoption of new technology has always been slow. This is due to a number of reasons, not the least of which, is the cumbersome and inefficient nature of most Validation processes, but also due to the conservative nature of the industry’s Quality teams.

Competition for talent with other industries

The competition for top technical talent is a major challenge with organizations like Apple, Google and others leading the way.  Because the Life Sciences organizations are, typically, utilizing older technology, the best resources are going in other directions.  Startups and smaller organizations are also in the same competition and are much more nimble when it comes to hiring and technology deployment.

Current procedures are very restrictive

Unfortunately, most SOPs and Work Instructions are written in such a fashion and utilizing older practices, that they are ver restrictive.  As a result, any initiative3 to move to the Cloud requires a re-write of many existing procedures resulting in a much longer and more expensive project. and can make any applications and data migrations of this nature very complicated.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are prevalent in the industry.  Unfortunately, this has created organizational and informational silos.  shave created silos of information adding to the complexity and risk of moving to the cloud.

The cloud requires new, innovative thinking

New, innovative thinking around taking advantage of the technology as well as how to maintain control of the environment, from a Quality perspective, is critical to successful deployment of the enabler faster and more agile processes.  Adoption to this new thinking is slow among the Quality groups.

Litte motivation to chsnge

There seems to be little motivation to create a new operating model when the current model is profitable. Most organizations in the industry are profitable and , in some cases, extremely profitable. The questions then becomes, what is the motivation to change? And, if there is motivation, what is the urgency?

About the Author

Gary Meek is a Principal Consultant with VISTX Corporation and Practice Lead for the Cloud Compliance Practice.

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